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Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding, fees, location, time, charity events and emergencies. Please click on the question below and the page will take you to it. If you still have some further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Duncan on 07934 856 696, or email him on enquiries@playingwithminds.co.uk or simply follow one of the alternative options on his contact page.

WHO does Duncan perform to?
Unlike other entertainer’s Duncan doesn’t litter his site with pictures of famous celebrities…..for him the focus is more on the guests, clients, or booker at the time and the service he can deliver them than past famous faces. Duncan performs at private parties, corporate events, after-dinner entertainment, conferences, award ceremonies, blue-chip companies, small businesses, celebrations, Christmas events and more. Recent engagements have included Boots, NHS, Ikano, Royal Mail, BBC, SKY, Cognizant, Cooper Parry, Coca Cola, Procter and Gamble, Cold Harbour and Panasonic.
WHAT kind of acts does Duncan offer?
Duncan’s act can absolutely be customised to your requirements in both length and content to some degree. Duncan is most commonly booked for his 45 minute cabaret act (more details on the main pages) but this can be customised to a shorter length (occasionally as a 5-10 minute signature piece after-dinner) or extended to Duncan’s acclaimed full theatre show broken down into a 45 minute act then 30 minute oracle act. The act itself fuses psychology, suggestion, an innate knowledge of human behaviour, magic and comedy to leave your guests, colleagues or audience laughing in amazement with memories that will be remembered log after the final glass of wine has been sipped.
WHERE does Duncan perform?
Centrally based in Nottingham and within easy access to the M1, A52 AND A46 Duncan is perfectly situated to service most if not all of the UK and regularly performs in London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield, Lincoln and beyond. Duncan also takes his act internationally and has performed on stages in Asia, Europe and for events in America.
HOW much does Duncan charge?

This is somewhat variable and is very much dependent on how much customisation is needed for the act, length of performance, and location. To find out more and to get a quote please contact Duncan here.

WHAT length is Duncan's performance?

This is absolutely open to customisation dependent on your event and other entertainment (if any) you may already have planned. Typically, Duncan is booked for his full 45 minute after-dinner cabaret act but dependent on circumstances, this can be tailored to just a 5 minute signature piece or a longer performance upwards of an hour and a half and interval in the middle.

CHARITY EVENTS - Does Duncan perform at them and does he offer free or discounted performances?

Duncan gets asked a lot about performing at charitable events and whilst Duncan makes every effort to support the many charities which ask for his help, he does have to allocate time for paid work as well. Nonetheless, Duncan can offer charitable rates to these causes and makes a perfect break between fundraising or charity auctions. To find out more information, feel free to contact him to discuss his charitable rates and availability.

EMERGENCIES? - What if Duncan cannot make it for any reason?

This has never happened in over 15 years as a performing artist. Duncan prides himself of delivering unrivalled customer service, not just in the entertainment industry but when benchmarked against other customer service providers. As a result Duncan’s understands the importance of reliability and punctuality. From the moment you make the first enquiry to the moment Duncan delivers his show, you will be treated with customer service excellence and this includes any real-time updates on foreseeable delays, but this has never happened.

Taking account that there is always a possibility that Duncan cannot make your event for any reason, he works with some other extremely high calibre performers in the industry, with a similar skill set. He will ensure and endeavour to find a suitable and timely replacement so your event can still run smoothly.

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To find out more about Duncan’s ‘Playing with Minds’ and to get a more detailed understanding of the performance and how it can be tailored to your requirements then please do not hesitate to get in touch using either the contact form above or calling Duncan on 07934 856 696 or internationally +44 (0) 7934 856 696 or emailing him on enquiries@playingwithminds.co.uk.