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What is a Psychological Entertainer?

Psychological entertainer

Psychological entertainer

When it comes to fun, magic, mystery, intrigue and laughter, psychological games are at the heart of amazement. The ability to figure out what someone is thinking and incorporate in a completely different manner is just short of being a unique psychic. So, what is a psychological entertainer?

A psychological performer is someone who uses a variety of techniques in order to determine what someone is thinking about in a set context. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the more well-known types of psychological entertainment.

What Makes People Enjoy Psychological Entertainment?

As humans, it is in our nature to seek entertainment. Anything in which we see potential to be entertaining in, we grasp and get intrigued by it. We have a psychological need for entertainment, which is why when a psychological entertainer produces a fantastic act, we’re left overwhelmed with excitement and are impressed by the confusion that the entertainer has left in our heads.

Mind Reading

The most famous type of psychological illusion is of course, mind reading. Mind reading creates the illusion that the entertainer is able to use telepathy in order to find out what others are thinking. How mind readers do what they do is a mystery to their audience, although as the entertainer they are able to determine what you are thinking based on factors such as body language and your use of words.

The illusion that the entertainer creates leaves the crowd lusting for more and wanting to know exactly how it was done.


Perhaps more entertaining and more comical than mind reading, hypnosis is when an individual or group of people are put into a hypnotic trance where they are still conscious, although in a different state of mind where they will not remember. Once put in a hypnotic trance, they are conscious and aware of what is going on around them yet once they have been awoken from the trance, will not remember anything that happened while they were in it.

In the past hypnotic shows had more of a serious tone, although in modern shows they tend to have more of a comedic hint to them. Tricks such as the human bridge are best performed in hypnotic states. While many believe otherwise, being put into a hypnotic trance is not dangerous at all and is completely safe regardless of any health conditions. Hypnosis puts on a great show for the audience, with a touch of comical value.

Uniqueness of Psychological Entertaining

The thing to keep in mind when considering psychological entertainment, which is by far one of the best things, is that every so often the entertainer will change up his routine. Some people presume that by hiring a psychological entertainer multiple times that you are simply paying for the same thing twice, but they’re wrong. Every few gigs, entertainers tend to switch things up in order to keep things fresh and prevent their act from going stale. It’s in their best interests to make their performance as entertaining and as memorable as possible. Regardless of the entertainer, each act will be completely unique.

The message to take away from this is that while psychological entertainment is limited, it is something that your audience will thoroughly enjoy and is guaranteed to impress them. Psychological entertainment is something that humans enjoy no matter what, and if you’ve struggled to find the right fun for your event up until now, look no further. The uniqueness of psychological entertainment is something that should be heavily considered when looking into it.

Duncan William’s act is truly unique, contemporary and fun! It mixes, magic, suggestion, psychology, showmanship and an element of storytelling….. This makes it difficult to pigeonhole it. The closest it form of entertainment it may fall into is that of psychological entertainment. To find out more about his unique brand of corporate and after-dinner entertainment, please do not hesitate to get in touch via phone on 07934 856 696 or email on enquires@playingwithminds.co.uk