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Unique entertainment and it’s importance for businesses.

Why is corporate entertainment important for businesses?

Why is the correct entertainment important for businesses?

Event entertainment has a multitude of uses in the business world. The words ‘corporate event entertainment’ aren’t just limited to the board room or conference suites, they extend as far as product launches, trade shows. Exhibitions, special events and Gala Dinners. Inside each of these functions – booking the correct form of performer can generate interest in a particular brand or product or idea, generate interest and publicity around a new product or service launch, or reinforce brand values at a conference. Similarly at an exhibition or trade show, booking a skilled trade show or corporate event entertainer can help attract footfall, generate sales leads and communicate unique selling points of your product. At more relaxed events or Gala dinners – booking a corporate entertainer – is perfect to allow them to just do that – entertain – and leave your guests laughing in amazement.

Utilising the correct form of company perfomance is also extremely beneficial in forging new and fostering existing business relationships with new or existing clients. This is perfect at Gala dinners or special VIP events to leave the guests more relaxed and with a smile on their face. For staff members – booking a great event performer would be even more beneficial in rewarding that year’s success or maintaining or boosting staff morale over a difficult financial year.

Booking a specialist entertainer over a standard entertainer is also becoming an increasingly considered decision as a competent corporate entertainer generally operates differently in contrast to a ‘wedding entertainer’. Whilst punctuality, professionalism, politeness and being well-groomed is essential for all forms of entertainment, in the world of  business, it is even more important as the entertainer is essentially the front of the business albeit for a short interaction. This interaction needs to be beyond positive and because of that – choosing the correct form of  entertainment is crucial.

What are the main considerations you should have when booking a event performer?

When booking an entertainer, it is important to look at the event you are running first: Some of the main considerations include:

  1. The type of event (is it a seminar, light hearted business meeting, awards ceremony, international conference, or after-dinner party)
  2. This will in turn reflect the audience that will be present
  3. The final consideration is the theme of the event

One best way to illustrate this point is if you are looking at an act to support your brand or product at a trade show or similar. This would of course in turn depend on your requirements for that act. For example, if you want to highlight the benefits of your product or unique selling points an act such as a magician or mind-reader can customise their act for your event. If however, you wanted to show off the product itself – a band may be more appropriate if you were promoting speakers, or sound systems. If you truly wanted to make the event bespoke to your event then looking at the flexibility of the entertainer is paramount and they can often weave some of the aforementioned selling points into their act.

I also often use my skills within the trade show arena to build brand awareness and generate sales leads.

For more information and to find out how I can tailor my act, performance or show to your requirements and particular company identity, feel free to give me a call on 07934 856 696 or email on enquiries@playingwithminds.co.uk for more information.