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If you are looking for a unique, contemporary and fun form of after dinner entertainment for your corporate event or private function, then look no further! You can also hire Duncan for your conference, celebration or Christmas party.

Securing the services of Duncan William may just be the tonic your event needs. Duncan is one of the country’s leading performers. As a result, he guarantees to help make your event a success.



Duncan mixes psychology, suggestion, magic and comedy together into a truly compelling show. His act can of course be completely customized. It can be tailored the number of guests that you have attending you event. Not only that, but his show can also be tailored in length too. This show can range from 40 minutes to upwards of an hour and half. Equally it can be reduced to just a short 5 minute signature piece. Duncan’s act can match your any of your requirements. You can watch a taster of his act in the showreel above.


What events can Duncan be hired for?

Duncan can be hired for events in the corporate arena and also private parties. Similarly, his services can be utilized for a new product launch. He can also be hired for a reward for colleagues or simply a private party at home.  Duncan’s corporate performances can also be customized here too. His act, can incorporate key conference points and messages to enhance each show. This will ensure that each performance is truly unique and bespoke to your event.


Types of after dinner entertainment Duncan offers:


  1. 5-10 minute signature piece

For some events, the client is not looking to have a full show and as a result, Duncan can offer just a couple of signature pieces to act as an energiser or to break the conference, event or awards ceremony up. With an array of professional routines in his repertoire that he has performed around the world both in his full show and smaller pieces, Duncan can liaise with you to choose pieces that will fit best with you. Much like all of his forms of entertainment that he offers, Duncan can incorporate brand messages or conference ‘take-aways’ into his patter to ensure that the show is in keeping with your event. His show is unique in that it can involve the whole audience as one or just some members. Never is it is silly or embarrassing, just really good fun and filled with laughter. These short performance pieces compliment his hosting too and can offer a perfect Segway into the next award to be presented or next keynote speech.


  1. Full 40 minute after dinner entertainment cabaret act

This is Duncan’s full show. If you are looking for something that will leave your guests laughing in amazement with a fun, unique and contemporary twist then looks no further. Combining magic, psychology, suggestion, mind reading and you have the perfect show to ensure you will be congratulated for booking some fine entertainment. This show is an extension of the offering above and can involve (on request) specific members of your party – to ensure they are felt like a star. Often clients ask me to use the CEO for the last routine to ensure they receive the applause and recognition. Again, this act can be fully customised (around its core routines) and in parts involves the whole audience. Unlike many after-dinner entertainment shows, this is fun and interactive without being silly or embarrassing.


  1. After dinner Digital Magic show

This is a unique show which combines technology magic such as the use of iPad, iPhones etc  with the technology of the mind. Arthur C Clarke once said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. This is a highly visual act which again can be customised too. Duncan is often hired by technology companies, sales companies and software companies as this act represents the perfect tie in.  To find out more, please do not hesitate to give Duncan a call.


  1. Hosting or Compering for your Event, Conference, Awards Dinner or Gala Show

One of Duncan’s increasingly popular booking is that of a host or compere for your event. Here using his fun, engaging and witty nature can host your events, introducing speakers, awards and more to ensure your event runs smoothly. This is often combined with his entertainment pieces which act as a perfect Segway into the next award, address or keynote speech and ensures that the event runs seamlessly and is 100% fun. Not only do you get the advantage of not having to worry about ensuring this element of the event runs smoothly (as it’s in the hands of a performer and host for over 15 years) but you can be guaranteed maximum fun as well.


  1. Close up after dinner entertainment

Not only is Duncan a consummate showman, perform and host on stage, he is also frequently hired to perform his close up magic mind reading and digital magic close up. This is perfect if you a looking for something unobtrusive but fun and mesmerising for your guests. Sometimes people don’t want to dance if there is DJ or if there is background music it’s a perfect complement to that. Similarly, securing Duncan to perform his close up set alongside his stage or cabaret after dinner entertainment set is the perfect synergy to ensure those guest who didn’t get the chance to involve themselves in the show, still get an opportunity to experience ‘the magic’.


Tailored packages

For all of Duncan’s acts, performances and after dinner entertainment, all can be customised. Certainly for hosting or compering, Duncan will sit down and understand your brand, company and event. He will offer unlimited Skype or Phone calls to ensure that he can meet your requirements and refine scripts if necessary. This will be done with little fuss but maximum efficiency.


Other after dinner entertainers

Whilst Duncan’s after dinner entertainment has a huge range and variety including magic, mind reading, technology and more, there are a number of other alternative forms of entertainment that may also fit your bill. That said, (and of course I am biased) none will be able to have the same level of engagement or the extent of customization options as Duncan’s show or close up performances have. Nonetheless if you are looking for a performance piece that your guests simply sit and watch then the following options may be ideal:


  • Bubble show
  • Silhouette Artist
  • Acrobats
  • Speed painters
  • Drum shows
  • Dance acts
  • Bands
  • Comedians
  • Pickpockets
  • Illusionist
  • Aerialists
  • DJ’s
  • Hologram shows


There are of course many more, of many differing styles and abilities. The UK really is blessed with such a wide array of creative talent – choosing the right option for your event has never been easier.


What to consider when choosing the correct form of after dinner entertainment for your event.

The price or cost to hire after dinner entertainment

If You Think It’s Expensive To Hire A Professional To Do The Job, Wait Until You Hire An Amateur. I know this sound like a cliché but it’s true. Whilst some after dinner entertainers will charge hundreds of pounds others will charge thousands. Whilst it can be nice to introduce somebody as having been on TV – from my experience this doesn’t always translate into the corporate or private arena. As a result it is always worth reading a few independent reviews. My recommendation would be Google Reviews as these have to be independently submitted much like TripAdvisor reviews.


This has been mentioned a few times but Duncan’s act really is customization without compromising the impact and caliber of the show. He is able to develop mind reading routines to communicate messages and even create apps etc. for tech companies to convey messages too. This customization extends to the length of the show and the structure. Duncan is here to make your event as memorable as possible and to enhance it as much as he can to ensure you get congratulated for organizing a great show and great entertainment.

Engagement with your audience

Rather than being a static show which people watch, this is an engaging show which can involve audience participation. However, this is in a fun and interactive way and Duncan’s act in no way embarrasses anyone, makes anyone join in or makes anyone feel uncomfortable.

Location of the act or entertainer

It’s always important to consider where your act is based as this can impact on the cost and occasionally the reliability if the roads are busy or train delays. Duncan travels across the UK and internationally and his fees include travel for complete transparency and remain competitive in cost whether he is booked in Nottingham, London or Edinburgh.

Reviews to ensure you hire the correct after dinner entertainment

Getting recommendations or reviews from other companies or clients who have hired your chosen act in the past is one of the most reassuring ways to ensure you are going to be hiring a quality act. Where you cannot speak to other companies, the next best approach is to read some independent reviews on Google. Whilst the reviews on my website and genuine and corroborate with my independent Google plus reviews, some acts create their own reviews for their website through artistic licence.

Contact the act

It’s always important to speak with the act you book on the phone or via Skype as sometimes emails or the written word can be misinterpreted or misrepresent the act. Speaking on the phone will give you a better understanding if the after dinner entertainment act is the right fit for your event. For Duncan, he is happy to talk through anything and you will not feel pressured or obligated to hire him as you’re after dinner entertainer if you are looking for something slightly different.

Entertainment agencies

Whilst many companies choose to hire their acts through an entertainment agency, there is often a large commission built into the final fee. For some, budget might not be an issue but this fee really only gives you the peace of mind that they would be obligated to find you another act if the one you hired pulls out or is no longer available. Duncan, however, is an independent after dinner entertainer and as a result relies on his reviews, reliability, recommendations and repeat bookings for his work. As a result, he offers the same guarantee that he will find someone of equal quality, at the same fee (or cover the difference himself) to ensure you are not left in the lurch. Not only do you get the same level of service and quality, many say it’s even better as customer service is crucial. Any requests for customization of routines are not lost in a game of Chinese Whispers between booking agents. It is always worth remembering that your event organizer is using an entertainment agency to find an act and as a result, 2 chunks of commission will be added to your bill. My recommendation would be to book your after dinner entertainment act directly. First seek out recommendations or reviews, and then speak with the act. This will ensure you are getting the best customer service from start to finish of your event and saving yourself a considerable amount of time and money.

Public Liability Insurance for after dinner entertainers

Some final recommendations would be to ensure that any after dinner entertainment act that you hire or book has Public Liability Insurance. This protects both themselves and in some ways you too. Duncan has extensive Public Liability Insurance which is covered by Equity. He can provide his Equity Public Liability Insurance certificate on request.

PAT tested sound equipment

Whilst many venues provide their own audio equipment and often hire them in too, Duncan can, if requested bring his own microphone, sound system and audio equipment. This is perfect for smaller venues. He can do this one request, again saving you money, time and the headache of sourcing this.

Duncan has tried to compile a definite guide to not only hiring the correct entertainer for your event but what to look out for to ensure your event is received extremely well. Good luck with your search and hopefully this overview will give you confidence to hire Duncan as your after dinner entertainment.



To read some reviews from some of Duncan’s previous clients please have look here.

To get in touch, please call him on +44 (0) 7934 856 696 or use the contact form on this page here.